Wrap Care

How do you care for a wrapped vehicle?
Most car care products will still apply to your wrapped vehicle. However, wraps are typically considered lower maintenance than paint – one of the advantages to the process. Hand washing is preferred, but many customers frequently use drive-through car washes with no problems. Because we disassemble so much and wrap around all the edges of vehicles the brushes should not cause our work to begin to peel. Whether the wrap surface is matte, satin, or gloss will also affect how frequently you should clean. Matte has no gloss layer of clear to protect the material so it should be cleaned more frequently than the others to prevent staining. We provide a bottle of specialty wrap spray with most wraps and stock more for anyone who needs additional supplies. This is a simple spray and wipe which will keep the film protected and looking nice. This spray is a good option for most of your cleanings.

There are many ways to take care of your vehicle but here we will share the methods we successfully use on our own rides. We use an electric pressure washer with a water filter and a foam gun. That system is affordable, easy to use, and very easy on the wrap and vehicle.

This is how we wash our cars with that system:

Powerwash Vehicle

It is suggested to wash your car in a shady or covered area so that the sun will not dry the soap as you’re working. We wash the vehicle with water, focusing on the dirtiest areas. With a wrapped car you don’t want to get the pressure washer closer than about 6” to the wrap.


Spray Foam

Next, we use the foaming gun attachment of the pressure washer. This releases a blanket of foam that washes the car, carrying dirt to the ground without having to physically rub the vehicle, reducing any potential scratching which may occur.



We remove the foam gun and replace the water nozzle. Then we turn on the water filter for a spot free rinse. We rinse the car off from top to bottom, again focusing on the areas we know are extra dirty. The more often you do this the less work it will be. We use a water blade and special chamois to dry the car.



Once the vehicle is dry, we apply a coating of vinyl spray. All you have to do is mist and wipe it off. This penetrates the vinyl and keeps it looking its best and helps to keep it flexible and easy to remove.