Knifeless Tape

One of the unique advantages to working with our shop is that we insist that we do-no-harm to your vehicle during or after the wrap. We use a product called Knifeless Tape extensively during our wraps, which allows us to make knife-like cuts without using an actual knife on the paint. This ensures that there are no cut marks on the paint when our work is removed.

Knifeless tape is simple, it is a wire trapped in a thin tape. We lay it down before we wrap, release the wire, and pull it through the vinyl. This cuts the vinyl like a knife, but with no risk whatsoever to the paint. We can make perfect straight lines or curves with the tape so it makes a great tool for accents. We also use it anywhere there would be a risk to the paint during a wrap so when the wrap is removed there will not be any cut marks on the paint.