About Us



Founded in June of 2014, MassWraps Incorporated is born from automotive enthusiasts & experts as the final word for luxury automotive restyling & finish care. With skills, equipment, tastes & experience from across the racing spectrum as well as for the every day driver - MassWraps can truly help you fall in love with your vehicle over & over again. MassWraps, because you and your car live in the real world.


Mike Jacobson

Mike graduated from UMass Amherst, focusing on engineering and design, he also worked in the performance vehicle industry for several years before starting MassWraps. He is a lifelong car nut who was wrenching long before he had a license. Loves racing in all forms and building engines and other projects in his spare time.


Ashley Vigeant

Ashley graduated from UTI Norwood, focusing on automotive fabrication and electronics. She holds a MECP certification as a mobile electronics installer. She worked for years in the automotive electronics and fabrication industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge with her. She took quickly to wrapping and is a powerhouse of skills inside MassWraps. She loves Subarus and making carbon fiber and illuminated projects.