Designs, Stripes, Custom Colors


Stock Printed Designs

We have an enormous library of available prints for our clients to choose from. Including the popular styles of camo, rusty, galaxy, and others. We have printed samples of many of the camos to make choosing easier. These patterns are great for full cars all the way down to small accents.

Custom Printed Designs

If you are looking for something truly unique or personalized we can absolutely help. One of the greatest advantages of wrap is that is can be printed, and we can custom design anything in the world you can imagine to be placed on your wrap. We work with some of the best designers in the industry, each with their own signature style. Depending on your artistic vision we can line you up with the perfect designer for your project. Not only can we dial in your design, but the materials are very flexible as well. We can print in matte, satin, gloss, carbon fiber, brushed metal, reflective, chrome, fluorescent, and others.

Knifeless Tape

This is definitely an area where we can get into some interesting and unique projects. Knifeless tape is a thin tape that has a wire trapped in it. We lay the tape down beforehand, wrap over it, then pull the wire out. This cuts the wrap like a knife, but with no potential for damage to the paint or wrap beneath. We can create a vast array of types of designs, patterns, stripes, etc. with this method. Click here to learn more about Knifeless tape.

Plotter Cut Graphics

Cut graphics are sliced up by a computer plotter, which is basically a printer with a knife. This allows us to create any image on the computer and cut it into the vinyl as a design. We can do this in single or multiple colors, with solid colors or printed materials. We can also cut up textured, reflective, and other types of vinyl for even more unique effects. We are expert at installing these cut graphics over large and complex surfaces without disturbing the source image as much as possible. We also are very particular to maintain alignment and balance from one side of the vehicle to the other.

Embossed Graphics

If we cut a vinyl decal (as described in the last section) and place it under wrap, you can see it through the top layer. This creates a very cool effect similar to paper embossing. One of the advantages of this is that the design can be very complex, yet will not peel over time as it is protected by the top layer. This is definitely a vinyl specialty and we love getting the chance to do it!

Pre-Cut Design Kits

These types of kits are one of the best ways to approach a motorcycle or other recreational vehicle wrap. They are designed to fit perfectly on each panel of the vehicle from the start, drastically reducing labor cost for us. These kits are also available in a huge quantity of stock designs so our clients can pick something they like without the expense of a custom design. Some of them can even be customized by color theme, sponsor logos, etc. They are commonly advertised as being DIY kits, but to achieve the best results we still end up using our specialty tools and skills. These are ideal for:

  • Motorcycles / Dirtbikes / Street Bikes / Cruisers

  • Snowmobiles / Jetskis

  • ATVs / UTVs / Spyders / Roadsters / Race Karts / Golf Carts


We take a lot of pride in our vehicle striping. To do it properly is very labor intensive, but that has never scared off MassWraps. We use Knifeless tape and an enormous amount of measuring to ensure the stripes are perfectly straight, even, and matching. Knifeless tape is a thin tape that has a wire trapped in it. We lay the tape down beforehand, wrap over it, then pull the wire out. This cuts the wrap like a knife but with no potential for damage to the paint or wrap beneath. Another MassWraps advantage is we disassemble the vehicle where needed, so we can get the cleanest results possible around wings, scoops, and lights. We also tuck our stripes into gaskets and behind glass, using the methods we use for full wraps, creating a much cleaner and more professional outcome than “stripe kits” or other methods.

Custom Colors

Laminated Stock Film

This is the simplest way to the color of your dreams. We pick a base color that you like and then laminate it with a thinner, clear material that can change the finish in unique ways. For example, we can make a material into matte, satin or gloss, we can add metallics, or even color shifting laminates which can create an iridescent effect. A huge advantage to this option is it makes the vinyl much more scratch and stain resistant because of the double layer, further increasing protection of the paint beneath.

Printed Color

If you have gone through all of our hundreds of available color samples and still cannot find the exact match for you or your business, we can always print out a solid color wrap in any millions of colors the printer is capable of. These prints must be laminated by nature; therefore, they can have any of the properties of the previous category applied to them as well.

OEM Paint Match Vinyl

There is a company that produces vinyl wrap which perfectly matches vehicle factory colors. It is quite expensive, and can be tricky to work with so we do not suggest it for entire vehicles, but it can be the perfect thing for when you need a matching wrap like truck bumpers, wings, scoops, grilles, etc.