Full Wraps

Full wraps are our specialty.

From day one, MassWraps’ mission was to be the best full wrap shop in the state. Our wrap services were not an afterthought. We never stop focusing on improving the quality of our full wraps. Come check us out or continue reading, and see the MassWraps difference!

A full wrap lets you have any color or design you can imagine on your entire vehicle.

Everyone who comes into our shop is staggered by the quantity of colors we have available. We have invested in large samples of many available films so that our clients can truly evaluate their options instead of trying to pick from a tiny sample book. We have plain, metallic, pearlescent, color shifting or iridescent, brushed metal, carbon fiber, camouflage, and many other colors, styles, patterns and finishes. The wrap isn’t limited to the body of the vehicle either - we do plenty of work on interiors and many other places!

But unlike paint, you can remove it!


Some already may know this, but an amazing attribute of vinyl is that up to several years later you can remove the film and the original paint is preserved. The paint just needs a clean and polish and it is as good as new!

Not only is it stylish, but it protects the paint beneath.

While you drive down the road, your car is constantly bombarded with large and small debris. This wear and tear significantly adds up, degrading the look of your once prized vehicle. Wraps are resistant to this surface type of wear in general, but even when the wrap sustains damage most often the paint beneath is protected.

MassWraps specializes in full vehicle disassembly for the ultimate in quality.

There is no shortcut to quality. We have the tools, skills, and experience to properly disassemble any vehicle. This is one of our unique traits in this business, as taking apart modern cars requires proper understanding and equipment to eliminate potential damage, especially for the high end market. When you don’t disassemble, you end up with exposed edges and paint, peeling and other failures, and a generally unsightly and short lasting installation.

When we say done right, we mean it. Don’t trust a full wrap shop that doesn’t work at this level.

We back up our work with free inspections and repairs.

It is very rare for our clients to have problems with work we have done. However, it is important to us that they know they can enjoy their wrap worry free because we stand behind it! We offer a free of charge full vehicle inspection where we go through the entire wrap looking for any flaws and repair them. We do this at one month and six months after the wrap is complete. We also provide specialty wrap care products after the wrap, and these inspections allow us to make sure the client is properly taking care of it and we can provide any assistance as needed.

Exotic or racing cars are no problem.

Again, we have the skills and experience required for these vehicles. Each of our mechanics came from the high performance and custom industry with a keen understanding of what is required to deal with your valuable and unique vehicle. Whether it is a dedicated racing machine or a top dollar supercar masterpiece. We also have a special vehicle lift, which allows us to elevate high end vehicles without damaging their specialized suspensions. You will find our shop clean, air conditioned, and with plenty of storage for removed parts. We also frequently replace all consumable goods, with no reusing old towels or squeegees on your perfect paint.

Don’t forget we can easily make custom colors or prints!

Didn’t find the color you wanted off the shelf? No problem! Want a vehicle that is designed from front to back to be anything you can dream of? No problem! Learn more about that here.

It is so much more than just cars!

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans

  • Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Dirtbikes, Side by sides, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles

  • Boats, Jetskis

  • Airplanes, Helicopters

  • Trailers, RVs, Tractor Trailers, Industrial Equipment