Vehicle Accents

Chrome Deletes

This is a place where we shine brightly. Because of our capacity to disassemble vehicles, we can remove most or all of the trim from the vehicle in order to wrap it. This allows us to get completely around the edges, preventing peeling in the future or the unsightly glare of the chrome catching the sun. We also frequently remove vehicle mirrors to properly wrap the trim. For the parts that we cannot remove, we have a host of specialty tools and experience to flawlessly cover the trim.

  • Window Trim / Door Handles / Grille Surrounds

  • Body Chrome / Mirrors / Roof Rails

  • Truck Bumpers / Bedside Rails


Don’t like your factory woodgrain or silver trim? Looking for something that really makes your vehicle personalized? Have a show car looking for the edge over the competition? Interior wraps can make a huge impact with a small amount of vinyl. They are usually quicker jobs, which keeps the cost down, and if we are wrapping the car there is a good chance we already took the doors apart, getting the process started. Interior wraps are also a great way to accent your new wrap either with a matching material or appropriately contrasting color. Carbon fiber is our most popular interior accent, and we have it in gloss and matte versions. Like everything else we do, the interior is fully dissembled for the highest quality finish and durability.

Brake Calipers

We wrap brake calipers with reflective material that glows in the dark, especially when light hits it. This is a different material than we use for normal wrapping - it is made of metal instead of plastic, and thus can withstand the heat of the brakes. It also has a stronger glue so it can hold up to the harsh environment of the calipers. It is available in a handful of basic colors, but, if desired, we can custom make anything you can conceive of with printing and lamination. The nice thing about this process is that we do not have to remove the caliper from the vehicle so there is no hassle and risk to the braking system. Also, compared to powder coating, which bakes the caliper and risks the internals, our wrap process does not expose the caliper to those extremes.


Head / Tail Lights

We use wrap to tint or accent head and tail lights as well as put clear protection on them. We have two shades of black tint that we commonly use for lights. The medium is a nice light smoke, and dark is almost black when the light is off, but allows a lot of light through when it is on. We can also cut out reverse lights or other areas by request. We also have other colors such as red and yellow in stock for the various vehicles that look best with those. We can also apply clear bra to headlights in order to resist getting cracked by rocks or slowly eaten up by road debris and sunlight. Finally, we can also do neat accents to some lights with colored wrap that can compliment the body of the vehicle.


We can wrap wheels! We usually do the face or flat top of the spokes, but there are many ways we can approach them. Here’s a few ideas:


Most factory wings are the same color as the car these days. We often wrap them in black or carbon fiber which can change the whole look of the back of the vehicle quickly. It looks especially nice with a roof wrap or other accents that are in matching colors.

Windshield Strips

A windshield strip or banner is a piece of vinyl we apply to the outside top of the windshield. It can give the vehicle a clean look, especially when paired with a roof wrap. It is also highly useful in the sun, as it blocks out light coming in from above. We can make them any height as to accent the vehicle. We can also include text or designs on these banners in any combination imaginable, making them a quick and simple mod with a lot of presence.


If you have an idea for an accent on your car that we didn’t mention, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Contact us and we will definitely try to help you out!