Services Overview


Full Wraps

Full wraps are our specialty. We fully disassemble the vehicle, meticulously clean it, and then wrap it with all the skills and tools we are famous for. Click to learn more.

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans

  • Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Dirtbikes, Side by sides, 3 Wheelers, Snowmobiles

  • Boats, Jetskis

  • Trailers, RVs, Tractor Trailers, Industrial Equipment

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps are our most popular service. We can do so much more besides wrapping the full body of the vehicle. We commonly do roof, hood, wing, chrome, and other accent wraps. These jobs are usually quick and affordable, yet can still have vast impact on the look of the vehicle. Click to learn more and see past projects.

Body Protection

There are several services we offer that protect the body of the vehicle or the wrap that is on it. For new and high end vehicles some of these services are strongly recommended, including:

  • PPF or paint protection film - a clear wrap that is extremely resistant to scratching

  • Ceramic Coating - a highly hydrophobic long lasting coating which helps resist stains and scratches

  • GlassParency - similar to ceramic coating but for glass; sheds water and dirt with incredible efficiency

Vehicle Accents

Vehicle accents are also an extremely popular service for us. Wrap is quickly replacing paint for many parts that enthusiasts traditionally love to tweak. You may be surprised as to all the places we can wrap, including:

  • Chrome Deletes

  • Interiors

  • Brake Calipers (Wrapped ones can glow in the dark!)

  • Head / Tail Lights

  • Wheels

Design, Stripes, Custom Colors

Some of our coolest projects are much more than solid colors! We can either design your next project in house or work with the best illustrators in the industry to achieve your artistic vision. Wrap is a printable medium so the sky is really the limit!

We are well known for our vehicle striping too. We can custom make traditional racing stripes, or infinite other ways to decorate the vehicle.

If you’re looking for a custom color wrap that is no problem! We can make you a unique combination that will really set your car apart.

Unusual Projects

If you think wrap may be a good choice for your project, you may just be right! We have done all kinds of odd work over the years. Don’t hesitate to inquire about something unusual, we can gladly review the possibilities. Here are a few ideas from the past - take a look.

  • Buildings, Events, Floors, Walls, Tables, Counters, Game Boards, Brick, Wood, Concrete

  • Consumer Goods, Cooking Equipment, Laptops, Helmets, Speaker Boxes, Game Systems

  • Almost any surface can be wrapped!

Other Services

There are plenty of other capabilities we have at MassWraps. We have a mobile electronics certified professional on staff and frequently install accessories when the vehicle is disassembled.

  • 12 Volt Electronics, Remote Starts, Fiber Optic Headliners, Dashcams, Radar Systems, Back Up Cameras, Stereos, Speakers

  • Tire and Wheel Packages

  • Performance Parts, Intake, ECU Flash, Throttle Remapper, etc.

  • Body Parts, Wings, Body Kits, Flares, Fenders, Scoops, Splitters, Spoilers, Diffusers, Badges

Subcontracted Services

We are neighbors to a tire and general service shop as well as a foreign auto specialist. Between them and several other local businesses we trust, there are many things that they can do for us if need be. There have been many cars that needed a repair that we were able to take care of for our customers, saving time and trouble for the owners. This can be especially helpful for our busy or far away clients.

  • General repairs, OEM Parts

  • Paintless Dent Repair, Body Shop, Paint

  • Powdercoating, Rim Repair

  • Detailing