We are neighbors to a tire and general service shop as well as a foreign auto specialist. Between them and several other local businesses we trust, there are many things that they can do for us if need be. There have been many cars that needed a repair that we were able to take care of for our customers, saving time and trouble. This can be especially helpful for our busy or distant clients.

General repairs, OEM Parts

Our neighbors can fix plenty of problems with your vehicle or provide us with high quality replacement parts as needed.

Paintless Dent Repair, Body Shop, Paint

We have a great PDR or paintless dent repair specialist on call, and this service has straightened out many panels for us before we wrapped them. They can also fix dents with the wrap in place!

There is a body shop we use to get parts painted or repaired when needed. This can save a lot of running around for our clients, and offers a higher quality result than if we attempted the repairs or paint.

Powdercoating, Rim Repair

When we have the whole vehicle disassembled, it is common to powdercoat parts. This refinishes them to a like-new appearance with a very tough coat. There are many colors and options available with this, and it applies to almost any metal part.

There is a company we work with that can also repair wheel damage. In combination with a powder coat this can make an old set of wheels seem brand new.



Need your vehicle cleaned from top to bottom? No problem! We can either help in house, or refer you to local detailing shops that you can trust with your wrap.