Other Services

There are plenty of other capabilities we have at MassWraps. We have a mobile electronics certified professional on staff and frequently install accessories when the vehicle is disassembled. It is a nice service to have as it can save the client from having to jump from shop to shop to complete their project.

12 Volt Electronics, Remote Starts, Fiber Optic Headliner, Dashcams, Radar Systems, Back Up Cameras, Stereos, Speakers, etc.

We have a MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) installer in house, and since we have to disassemble the vehicle partly to do the wrap, it is usually a reduced effort to install aftermarket electronics.

Tire and Wheel Packages

We can easily order any set you have in mind, and we can also have custom wheels made when needed.

Performance Parts, Intake, ECU Flash, Throttle Remapper, etc.

Many bolt-on parts install very quickly, and we can take care of those while we have the vehicle in the shop. We are extremely familiar with tuning as well, so if you have a tune flash you need we can definitely help with that.

If you have a GM vehicle, especially LS engine series vehicles, Mike can custom build a high quality tune for you. Check out MJE Tuning for more info.

Body Parts, Wings, Body Kit, Flares, Fenders, Scoops, Splitters, Spoilers, Diffusers, Badges

It is very common for us to install aftermarket body parts. We use the same level of attention to detail to ensure they are lined up correctly, and that they will stay installed for the duration of use. We can also take care to install these parts with various methods which do not disturb the wrap beneath.