Body Protection

PPF - Paint Protection Film

PPF (or clear bra) is a transparent wrap that is extremely resistant to scratching. It is most commonly applied to the front of the vehicle in order to stop the worst of the rock chipping that occurs from driving. It is very durable and difficult to scratch or chip in any way. We can do just the front, the entire vehicle, or anything in between! Take a look at our various packages to get an idea of the basic services.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a highly hydrophobic long lasting coating which helps resist stains and scratches. We can apply it to paint or wrap so every car qualifies for the treatment. One of the advantages of the coating is UV resistance, which goes a long way to increasing the usable life of your vinyl wrap. On paint, this attribute helps resist oxidation and sun damage. The coating resists water or chemicals from standing on the body and etching into the wrap or paint, preventing damage that can occur from rain and exposure to the elements. A ceramic coated vehicle is also very easy to clean because the hydrophobic nature allows it to slick off dirt quickly and easily. Ceramic coating also increases the gloss level of the vehicle, including wraps. It also can help to smooth out the finish of the wrap and reduce the appearance of “orange peel.”


GlassParency is similar to ceramic coating, but for glass. It sheds water and dirt with incredible efficiency. If you have ever used Rain-X it is a similar result, but GlassParency is guaranteed for 3 years, whereas the silicone glass treatments like Rain-X are only good for a few storms. When water hits your glass it will bead up and fall off quickly and easily. When the car is in motion the glass will almost clean itself, reducing your reliance on wipers and increasing your safety as you can see more clearly more often. When hitting puddles and large sheets of water, the view will clean much faster than without treatment, again offering a safer driving experience for passengers and pedestrians.